The world of business mergers and acquisitions can be a tricky place. Private Equity Firms and Corporate Buyers are aggressive and smart. They have highly trained staff whose singular purpose is to get the best deal possible. Wouldn’t you like to have someone with experience on your side?


Your business is more than just a spreadsheet. We take a deep dive into the numbers and show you what you can expect to get in the market for your business. By doing this we are able to help determine the highest valuation before it goes to market.


We work with hundreds of investors and Private Equity firms that are looking for strong businesses. Our connections will help you get your business sold quickly and to the right buyer.

Hi, I’m Chris Hughes What Is Your Exit Strategy?

You have spent years building your company into what it is today.  The amount of work and sacrifice necessary to build a successful business is immense.  Most people have never put forth that kind of effort at anything in their life, but you have.  And you made it work.

What now?

  • Retire? Use the sell of your business to fund the lifestyle you planned.
  • Do it again? Use the sell of your business to fund your next great idea.
  • Give? Use the sell of your business to give like you never have before.

We can help.  We get business owners the maximum value of their company upon sale.  If you are interested in talking, give me a call.

Chris Hughes


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